Friday, October 29, 2010

31 for 29

Well, considering this is the first year I've done the 31 for 21 posts, I guess I've done pretty good.  Maybe next year I'll do better.

Last weekend, we (DH, C, Raine and I) went back to Oceanside to be recertified for public access.  We passed!!!  We drove down Thursday.  Had a workshop on Friday.  Then drove back on Saturday. 

One of the first things C signed when we got there, was Nanny's S's name sign.  He kept asking for her.  Her boyfriend (is he a boyfriend yet?) has some competition there.:)

One the way home, we brought a dog back who was being released from CCI's program and being place as a pet.  She was raised as a puppy by my sister (my sister is the one who "introduced" us to CCI) and was actually being place with a friend of mine.  Because "S" was a pet dog, we let C hold her leash a bit when we took potty breaks.  We were still trying to get C to hold Raine's vest handle, which he doesn't really want to do.  He wants to be in control of the dog, not us.  He really liked holding "S's" leash and was a little upset when we left her at her new home.

This past week, one day, I put a different leash on Raine's flat collar (our leashes are blue and C is not supposed to hold it) and gave the leash to C.  He had a ball leading Raine around the house and giving her "commands."

He would take her up to a light switch and say "pu."  The first time, Raine just looked at him like "what do you want me to do?"  Then I'd hear "BA"  (That's my name.:) )  So I went over and told Raine:  "Push."  She got up on her hind legs and pushed the light switch.  C praised her and then, for about 5 minutes, walked her around the house, opening drawers or cupboards and telling Raine to "pu" and she'd push the drawer or door shut.  C has said "pu" before (when we're pushing him on a swing), but it's nice to know that he hasn't "lost" that word.

I think I'll put that leash on Raine more often this week.  This leash, we can actually put on Raine's vest, maybe C will hold this leash out in public better than the harness.

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