Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy Day...

In a nutshell, I biked two miles, bottled 24 bottles of pears, mowed the lawn (before the garbage truck came), and took the kids to the dentist.

My legs and feet hurt!!!

I've semi-restarted my triathlon training again.  I stopped exercising during the summer.  I really want to do a triathlon.  (And if I lose 20 lbs, that would be nice also!:) )  I've semi-started, because the rec center is closing it's pools for two weeks starting next Tuesday.  So I'll be focusing on the biking/running for two weeks and then I'll add in swimming.  It'd be nice to be able to do a triathlon next May.

I'm done with pears.  Next is peaches.  I'd plan on doing apricots also but I always forget about them until they're out season.  My sister told me today that apricots are early Aug.  Since we were in California then I couldn't have done them anyway.:)

C did great at the dentist.  (Which means we don't need to take him to the hospital and sedate him for his cleaning, etc.)  He let the hygenist clean his teeth AND let the dentist examine them, etc.  I did bring Raine with us but C did so well she didn't need to visit during the cleaning.  Maybe just having her there made the visit easier?  The sounds of the electric toothbrushes, water pick (is that what it's called?), and the suction thingaling didn't phase her at all!

The next test is the ENT.  He doesn't really care for this visit either because the dr usually needs to clean his ears out under a microscope.  But we need to get ear tubes put in before winter.

Tomorrow, my sisters and I are making salsa!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home with Raine...

We have been home for over two weeks with Raine and I think we are getting into a routine.

The first week was very low-key. Except for walks, we didn't take Raine out in public. C is getting better at helping to take care of Raine. He helps brush her and he feeds her every day. Raine is learning the sign "sit" and C is starting to use it more when talking to her.

The first outing with Raine was to Pack Meeting for cub scouts. C didn't want to sit by Raine. (Of course, because I wanted him to.) He went to sit by Dad, when he arrived, so Raine got turned over to Dad.:)

The next outing Raine came along with us, was when we went to This is the Place Heritage Park. DH's work had reserved the whole park for an employee/family fun day. Since C never wants to walk with me, DH got to hold Raine's leash all day, and I got to watch all the other kids. I'm glad that we made the effort for DH to be certified. Of course, I forgot the camera so we didn't get any pictures. The kids had a lot of fun. They got to ride horses, make candles, pan for gold, ride a train and gather candy that was shot out of a cannon along with other activities. The company provided lunch and snacks.

C and N's cub scout den went fishing yesterday at the city pond. Since I was helping out by driving, we brought Raine along. She was very interested in the ducks. So was C. He kept casting towards the ducks hoping to catch one. N was very serious about the fishing. Unluckily, he didn't catch any fish. (I wasn't too disappointed by him not catching any, we had no way to take it home.)

Tomorrow, the kids get to go to the dentist! They are so excited!!! I'm bringing Raine along with us. Hopefully, Raine will help C be comfortable in getting his teeth cleaned. I think he has a bad cavity though, so I have already schedule an appointment at the hospital next month to get any cavities filled.

Raine DOES NOT like the Dremel that we use to file her nails. DH and I are wondering how she will react to a the sound of the dentist drill. I'm hoping that we can test her tomorrow and see how she responds to the drill, etc.

C has been asking for Nanny S for the last 3 weeks. Every time he sees a plane, he'd sign her name. About a week ago, she came over. C was so excited to see her. DH and I wondered if he thought she had been on the plane the whole time since she had left California. S played with the kids for a while. She had brought a friend, (a boy!) and the kids had fun playing with them. When she left, C was in tears. It was very sad to see. We were able to take the opportunity to have C cuddle with Raine.