Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What an exhausting day!!!

Again, such a long delay between my posts!!!

During the last year C has visited the orthodontist a few times.  I originally took him to an orthodontist a few years ago who was at the children’s hospital.  That man was not patient at all.  So after asking around, I found a new one.  I was looking for a way to expand C’s upper jaw.  His teeth are coming is so crowded that it is very hard for him brush, etc.  One of the reasons I waited until last fall to take him to the new orthodontist though, was that I was waiting for us to get Raine.

This last month, C has been to the orthodontist 3 times.  The first visit was for an evaluation and x-rays.  We had been waiting for a couple of upper teeth to come in.  At first C wasn’t very cooperative, even with Raine there.  But then I finally just let the hygienists do their job, and they took C into the room and took his x-rays and pictures, etc. I stayed out of  C's sight.  He did great with them.  He also let Hygienist J put spacers in to get ready for the expander.

Then about 10 days ago, we went back to do the molds.   He did not like the mold (I’m sure the taste was awful and it probably made him gag.)  He cried.  It was so said.  Dad had taken Raine out to toilet her, and so she wasn’t there to comfort him until the end.  But C loved having Raine “lap” afterwards.  Plus, Dr. H gave C a big hug to apologize for doing the mold.  I had tears myself afterwards.

Today, we went back to get the expander installed.  I swear C must have realized what was happening today because he had been so un-cooperative today.  Swimming did not go as smoothly as it had the last few days, and leaving swimming was exhausting.  And then getting C ready for his appt and leaving was another huge chore.  We were probably almost 20 minutes late to the appointment.  Once we got there (and of course he recognized the building) C wouldn’t get out of the car.  I had to tie Raine to the car while I worked at getting C out of the car.  Then I had to get him up a flight of stairs.  If I didn’t feel so strongly that this expander would help C (in the long run) I might seriously think twice about doing this.

Then we sat in the waiting room, while the hygienists tried to get C to come back to the chair, etc.  Dr H has Ipads, but even watching “Star Wars” or playing “Angry Birds” didn't help.  Finally I called the back up “Dad”.  Then we waited another 20 minutes for Dad to get there.

After Dad arrived, C stood up like an angel and walked back with him to the chair.  Dr. H installed the expander while Dad played “Angry Birds” for C on the iPad.  Raine got to sit up on the chair with C for a few minutes.  Then after trying to get C to let the hygienist to turn the expander once, we gave up. 

I had promised C ice cream after the visit.  But first we had to get him OUT of the orthodontic office.  C DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE.  He wanted them to take the expander out!!!!  He fought us all the way out of the office, down to the car, into the car and he SCREAMED all the way to Arctic Circle and ALL the way home.  DH said C kicked and pounded and yelled.  “He was not a happy camper.”  And he kept signing “don’t like.”  C did not want the ice cream, but finally ate it a couple of hours later.

I’ve decided that I need C to LIKE going to the orthodontist.  So I have decided that he should get ice cream every time he goes.  DH reminded me that C needs an immediate reward rather than one that happens an hour later.  Tonight, we needed to turn the expander, so DH got some ice cream in a bowl and put it next to C.  C laid down so nicely and let DH turn it!!  Then C got his ice cream. 

I think for the next appt, I’m going to buy a small cup of ice cream and bring it in a small cooler! J

And, we'll work on Raine "cuddle"ing with C more.