Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meeting someone special...

I can't believe that it's been over two months since I've posted!!!  I must do better!:)

Yesterday, C had a speech therapy appointment.  He was not in a very cooperative mood.  His appointment was only for 30 minutes.  I'm not sure why I scheduled it that way.  I'm sure I had a good reason when I made the appointment.  We were a couple of minutes late and C was very angry that Dad was not coming in the car with him.  When we arrived, I had to wait for C to get his shoes and socks on (I made him walk out to the car in the pouring rain barefoot because he wouldn't put them on in the house).  We finally made it into the entrance of the buidling, when C wouldn't go any further.  Even having Raine "open" the door didn't help.  By this time we were 10 minutes late.

So I called the Susan, the therapist, and told her that we were downstairs.  We decided, since I was so late, that C and I would just go home.  But once I told C that we were going home, he wanted to go see Susan!!!  So he sat in the entrance way for 15 minutes while I played solitaire on my phone.  Every few minutes, someone would come in or leave.  Of course, C would not move out of their way and expected everyone to walk around him.  I would tell him that he needed to move out of the way.  He would just sign "sit" and point to the floor.  Luckily, there were double doors.  I even "left" him and took Raine out to the car, hoping that C would follow us.

Of course he was even madder, and wanted Raine to come back to the building.  After I put Raine in the car, I stood by C--playing solitaire.

Finally an older gentleman with white hair and a short beard exited the building.  C's face lit up and he signed "Santa".  He jumped up and gave the man a huge hug!  He was SO excited to see Santa.  After talking to Santa for a few minutes and another hug, he was ready to go out to the car.  Santa reminded him to "be good" and then told me that he has a daughter with Down syndrome.

Once we were at the car, C decided that he was still upset and needed to cuddle with Raine for several more minutes.  I played solitaire.   After another 10 minutes, he was ready to go hom

Santa sure gets around during the year.:)