Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Raine at the dentist...

I took the kids to the dentist yesterday.  This is actually Raine's second visit with C to the dentist.  Again, C did great!!!  Of course, I always forget to take pictures.  Maybe next time I'll remember.

C had x-rays done.  He allowed the hygienist to clean his teeth.  Raine sat next to C so that he could pet her.  While we were waiting to for the dentist, I tried to get Raine to do "lap" while C was laying in the dentist chair.  I think that with all of the equipment in the way (over and around the chair) confused her.  My sister suggested on having Raine lay on top of C climbing up on the chair from the foot.  We'll need to work on that at home working on that position.

C then let the dentist examine his teeth.  C had a cavity in one of his molars.  It was so small, he didn't need an anesthetic, but he let the dentist drill and fill his tooth.  He did so great, especially, since the filling didn't stick on the first try, so the dentist needed to re-do the filling.  The major glitch we had was when C wouldn't let the dentist put the fluoride on his teeth at the end.  Finally, after I had remembered that I had brought the Nintendo DS, he let the hygienist put the fluoride on his teeth.

After the dentist, we went to the library.  I don't like taking my kids to the library.  They have a hard time staying near me and being quiet.  But they all did great, including Raine.  Even C did pretty good at staying by me.

This great visit makes up for the fiasco last week, when C had his yearly blood draw.  He wouldn't let Raine visit with him when they were drawing the blood, so I ended up having to hold C on my lap and another tech needing to help hold his legs.  Of course once the needle was in his arm, C realized that the poke wasn't THAT bad and stopped fighting.  Plus the tech drawing the blood was smart and used a syringe to draw all the blood, so that he didn't need to change three tubes and move the needle around as he was switching the tubes.

We have lots of chances to take Raine to medical visits this month.  We still have an audiology test this week.  Next week, C has a physical and an orthodontist appointment.  Hopefully these other visits will go as well as the dental appointment.

C and Raine are featured in this quarter's issue of the Wasatch Wag.  This is the newsletter for the the the CCI Utah chapter Wasatch Champions.  He's on page 7 & 8.